Welcome to GranitHungary.com, a fan website dedicated to the amazing ceramics and porcelain produced by the Granit factory which was once located at Kispest, Hungary.

Granit produced pottery from 1921 till 2001. In all those years, a lot has happened. On this website you can find out a little more about this brand. We work hard to collect as much information as we can, but the resources are limited. If you have any information for us, please do not hesitate to contact us! Ofcourse, you may also contact us with questions or comments, we are always looking to improve!

The main question a lot of visitors seem have about this gorgeous tableware is: where can I get the Granit items? Their vintage dinner and coffee services are on the wishlist of many vintage and pottery lovers! As production has ceased, the earthenware is not sold in regular stores anymore. Sometimes second hand items become available. These items can for example regularly be found on websites like Ebay or Etsy. A visit to your local thriftshop or to flea markets might also yield in some nice items too. Happy hunting!